Hello, yes, my song Crocuses was played on Radio Scotland’s Travelling Folk last night (31st Oct). You can listen here. I am at 1h46 or something like that. In other news, the album is OUT on Amazon and itunes. And there is a launch in Edinburgh and then Matheu Watson, Jim Rattigan and I will play a few gigs down south, which is to say London twice, Oxford and Bath. And we’ll do a live session on BBC Radio Oxford in the morning on the 10th November but I can’t tell you what time yet. Those are a few things. My mum is writing a novel across the table from me. Every so often she makes some strange gesture or other. Apparently she is mimicking the characters in the book so she can describe their mannerisms more accurately. Also the washing machine is shaking so hard upstairs I am starting to wonder whether the house isn’t in fact a helicopter, about to launch itself over the fields and hills of Perthshire.